Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 25- First week in Pasto

Answers to Dad's 20 questions.

Well dad. the internet crashed here, and my draft was not saved... so really quick
1. good. How was your first transfer?
2. good. Everything go okay?
3. good compaƱero. How is your companion?
4. Bolivia, but I swear when I saw him, he was from the Philippines or something. Where's he from?
5. yes, church is EARLY. Does your church really start at 8 o'clock in the morning?
6. yes the internet NEVER LIES. Like says?
7. yes, yes it is. Is the chapel as quaint and cute as it looks like on Google maps?
8. yes, yes it is. Is it a two-story building?
9. yes, I'm really happy here. Are you as happy as you look in the all the pictures?
10. yes, I think I do need sweaters, but I'll just buy them here, no te preocupes. Is it cold? Do you need sweaters?
11. no I do not need to buy new shoes. Do you need to buy you a new pair of shoes?(gym shoes)
12. the bus ride sucked. like, 13 hours because all the roads were destroyed. for realz. Was it a nice bus you traveled on?
13. no chickens, just a big bus, so questions 13, and 14 are skipped. but if there were to be any, I would imagine them to be cafe. Where there any chickens on the bus? If there were chickens, did they lay any eggs during the six hour bus ride? What color were the chickens, if there were any?
14. very big and lots and lots of people haha. How is Barrio(ward) Miraflores?
15. yes. Is it just you and your companion in the apartment?
16. it is very... nice. very low roof and nobody ever cleaned it soooo... yeah. What is your apartment like?
17. I do not have slugs. Do you have problems with slugs in your apartment like Elder Skinner does in his?(yes I found his blog, and try to read it every week.)(so if you do have slugs, ask him how to deal with them. He seems to have it figured out)

Well Pasto is really cool and really cold. But you know, that's the life of a missionary. My area is sooo much larger then my last area, so I have a lot to take in.

The last few days in Jamundi were hard, saying good bye and crying a bit. But I loved it. Now, I'm going to love the People of Pasto, their accent has already got me good haha.

As well, my compaƱero es Elder Coca, he has about a year on the mission and also is younger than me. He looks like Christian Te, weird haha. He is very different, but hey, so am I. haha.

We have 3 investigators lined up to be baptized, but we need to need to NEED TO work hard with them to get them to the date.

Other than that, my zone is cool! we went bowling today, and I sucked, but hey, I haven't practiced in a long time.

As well, There are 4 people in my group here! Myself, Elder Skinner, Elder Jeffery, and Elder Chunga! So that's cool! My district leader just got done with his capacitacion, y ahora es lider del distrito!(training and is now district leader) El es(he is) Elder Lyon. Really cool elder.

Other than that, nothing new.  Oh, lots of hills, Lots.

Well I love you guys, lots.

Hope you have a good week. love you.

Elder Pead

Elders from the MTC Group in Pasto

Yummy Empanadas

Saying goodbye to Members in Jamundi

Last Day with Elder Bautista

On the Road to Pasto

New desk in Pasto

Elder Coca

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