Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 24- Guess what?

Well, this has been a really difficult week. This week we got the call from Sister Pricoli, to look for a new apartment.

We searched  for about three days looking for an apartment in our area. The four missionaries will no longer live together in the same apartment. To help us focus on more things like studying together in the mornings. Found a great apartment. It's an apartment above some members. The bottom floor is where the members live, the second floor is another family and we will be on the third floor. We found a great apartment and we were cleaning everything getting ready to move there. And I was really happy new apartment, yeah everything new and clean. Really nice it would be just me and my companion, but today in the morning we got the news about the transfers. I'm being transferred to Pasto, The Miraflores ward. I don't know how I feel about it but yeah I'm going to Pasto.  Apparently it's really cold there so I will be wearing sweaters, and a jacket.  I will let you know mom, if I need you to send me sweaters don't worry.(He knows his mom will worry about that) So that's the big news.

My new companion will be Elder Coca. I have heard a little bit about him and kind of nervous about everything, but I will tell you how everything goes next week hopefully everything will be just great.

It's been really fun this week. This week was really hard to have lessons with members present. The members who always help us out a lot were not able to go with us this week so it didn't help that we had lots of people to visit. I'm really happy about everything, this week is been a little weird. I said my goodbyes yesterday to quite a few members. Didn't know for sure if I would be leaving. But the other elders were telling me that it was my turn to leave.

My Spanish has been improving. Yes dad, I do need to continue to study more. A lot more. There's a lot I need to learn but I am working on using the future tense. Practicing it every time we teach. Practicing on how to conjugate the verb and I am using it! I am learning a lot of vocabulary as well, but I need to write the new words down.  As I hear a new word I use it and say it, but I need to write it down and study it to remember it. Need to focus on that.

Thanks for reminding me that I suffer from low self-esteem, like Nacho Libre and Ignacio. Ha ha.

Mom, this past week with the new pensionista, has been the best. We have been eating great. Love the food. Also I have learned to make Alfredo sauce so now I eat a lot of pasta with Alfredo sauce. Yeah, your son is growing up. Kind of weird right?

It's great that Zach and the other young men from the ward are making plans for after high school. Graduation is coming up soon. Tell them that from first-hand experience, the mission is very rewarding. It's really weird to think about the sacrifices, you gain more when you sacrifice all your time and effort.  You get so much more. Which is opposite of what the world tells you. Hopefully they'll do and make the right decisions.  Tell them I said hi.

I'm reading a paragraph you wrote about trying to be better every day at speaking Spanish and having more knowledge of the Gospel. I do try to become better every day.  The thing is that now that I'm going to a new area, I don't know anything about it or my new companion. It might be a little bit harder, but I am trying to write down goals every week and see what I need to do to reach those goals. Kind of hard sometimes, but I do need to strive to be better.

Today for P day we went to Cali to buy some shoes for my companion, from a member sister who works there. When we got there, she said I got some lunch for you guys. And she fed us. She talked about sacrifices, how they are not just for us and our families and future families, but they are for God.  We need to love him more than anything else. Need to put him first, and if we sacrifice everything for him we will gain so much more than we can comprehend. That is Something I'm trying to work on.

I'm really glad dad, that you finally raked up the leaves. I know that mom would get mad at me when I took a long time to rake up the leaves.(The leaves have been in two piles for about two months)

I'm really glad that you guys went to the visitor center and were able to watch the presentation on the family that Jarrett likes.

How are you doing on going to the temple once a month? There are a lot of members here who struggle, on wanting to go to the temple right now but have to wait a little bit.  They say why don't we move to Bogota and have a temple close to us.  So I want to know if you have that meta (goal) down, and how you're doing with it. I know it will help you guys immensely.

Wow time goes by fast doesn't it. Sela (one of Dallin's friends) only has 10 months left in her mission? Seriously? That means she's been out for eight months. I bet she's having fun there.

I'm glad you don't post everything on the blog and Facebook. That would be very embarrassing on some of the stuff I tell you.

Thanks for your advice on how to study Spanish and how to approach other things. It makes me realize that I do need to do better and no I don't get mad when you give me that advice.

I love you guys.

Tell Jarrett I love him.

I'll talk to you again next week from Pasto. Hopefully I won't die from the cold.

Elder Pead

Baptismal service for a new member the other elders taught

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