Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 21

Hey Guys
Well, this week was a hoot!!!
I will never say hoot again.

Well, the baptisms did not fall though! Everything went okay. I baptized Brandon, who is 8, and  Elder Bautista baptized Maria, who is 74.

We also will have a baptism this week! A young girl named Diana (pronounced with a hard "D" anna) Her family is menos activo(less active). But now, her dad can baptize her! I love the family, and she loves that I speak English haha. I love working with them.

Tell mom I got the recording for Grandma and Grandpa Venezuela ready. Did she want other ones for the family? Like Jeff or the Kids? let me now asap.

Yes... I did wash my hands(after playing with the "poop" from last week). I wash them a lot because I basically do all the dishes in the house. It's my life now. haha.

We will be in Cali for like, 3 days this week. Because my companion has a doctor's appointment, reunion de zona(zone meeting), and intrevistas con el grand jefe(interviews with the grand chief), Presidente Pricoli. So that is grand! haha. I'll be sure to bug the living snot out of our leaders for the package! haha.

Tell mom thanks for the money, my companion really likes to go out and eat, and I always buy food as well so he doesn't feel alone, so I really really need to budget it better. haha.

What I have been realizing on my mission is that Heavenly Father helps us by not just by comforting us, but by making us a better person though our works and actions. Because we all have something we can change.  I would encourage you to look for that something to change, because it's going to make you a better person, and more importantly More Christ Like.

Love you Mom and Dad. Tell Jarrett I love him dearly.

love your son,

Elder Pead

Cleaning the Chapel

 The fruit is called pitaya, it is a cactus native to Colombia
Very sweet

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