Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 20


Well, Jarrett might have the brains of the Family, but I have the dance and singing moves... well, he does sing really well... and I can't practice my dancing skills here.......never mind.(Jarrett got a certificate for High Honor Roll.)
Spanish study is hard. My comp wants to learn English all the time, and I kind of need to learn Spanish a lot more.
Let's see. Well, I'm sending a butt load of pictures so I really don't have an idea for one.... but let me see..(I asked him to tell us what some of the photos are of)
There is one of me playing with a lot of poop. A lot of poop.

Well, it is for service.... so I can't complain!!!

Ha-ha but really. It's really fun ha-ha.

So the poop... we have a investigator named Armando who lives in a finca(small ranch), and he asked us to help him with it. so we went last Tuesday... and well... we put the poop on the wall, and just spread it around. Its decomposed poop with other building materials, and well, it was tons of fun. Just really dirty... I'll tell you one thing, I may or have may not gotten poop in my mouth... BUT I DIGRESS.

Maria and Brandon.
Maria is 72, and during the first lesson she accepted the invitation to be baptized!!! also, Brandon who is 8, who the missionaries have been teaching for a year, has also accepted the invitation. They are both relatives to a sister named Hermana Sol Malfa, who is the daughter of Maria, and the Grandmother of Brandon.

We are seeing the fruits of are labor, and are so grateful of the Lord for blessing us and helping us teach by the Holy Ghost.

We have a few new investigators coming out of the woodwork, and we are going to extend the baptismal invite as well.

Love you dad. Tell mom I love her too, lots. Tell Jarrett I love him too.

Hope everything is going good with you guys. Love you soo soo sooo much.
When I think of the baptisms, I think of the family. They will be together forever, just like us Dad. For eternity.

With love, your son

Elder Pead

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