Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 18 - I am getting a new Companion

Hey dad,

It's you son reading your letter now.  so I have a lot of news for you guys.  My Companion Elder Prieto is getting transferred.  So today we are really rushing our time.  Usually here in the mission field we have an hour to write, so we are rushing it today.  Right after this we are going straight to print photos and visit families because today is his last day.  Because the day of transfers is tomorrow instead of two days from now. So we are really trying to do things fast.

What else can I tell you? So I'm getting a new comp. his name is Elder Bautista. Don't know a lot about him. I hope that everything is going to go fine with him. I'll get to see him tomorrow I'm really excited. I heard he's from my group. Don't remember him but I guess he's from my group. We don't know much about what's happening all we know is he's coming. I have to go to Cali to get him.
So yeah, wish me luck with that.

I'm really glad that Shaylee, Bowen, Ashley, Darren and Mellody and everyone could go to our house and see Klint's homecoming. Tell Klint I said hi and sorry I didn't write him much, now I know how he felt in the mission field. I love you guys very much.

The  cholados  you guys made were fantastic. I was telling everyone that you guys made cholados . They know I love cholados it's a new family tradition. The only have them here in Jamundi. In Cali or any other part of Colombia they don't have them like they do here.

I'm really glad we got to Skype last week. I'm really blessed. I will be sending some pictures today not all of them. Don't have a lot of time to upload today. But I sent you a few. Hopefully next week I'll be able to send more.

Love you guys so much, thanks for everything.

Elder Pead

Audio from Elder Pead

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