Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 81

Glad all is well for you, and you had a good week.

We had a good week.

Marta had a dream about the church. She said her date is set for the 26th at 4. Bad news is that we have to do it in the morning... :D HAHA.

Jorge is doing well. We have talked a lot about how God revels to us though the Holy Ghost and we can know all things though him.

They are both excited for district conference and General Conference.
We are also reactivating the family of Jorge. They are coming to us. Not us to them. It’s great to see miracles and all.

Dad, I love the pictures you sent from San Francisco.  I see Jarrett likes his Nikes and skinny jeans. I love mom’s foto. I just missed your foto, you weren’t in any, haha.
I love you guys so much.

Remember that this happiness we have is forever, and no matter what comes at us, we need to be faithful, holding to the rod and we will get there together. Love you guys.

Your son

PS. tell Jarrett to shave haha.

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