Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 42 -6 Baptismal Dates, Transferred, New Responsibilities

First of all, you need to send pictures of the doors now.
Like really,
I NEED TO SEE THAT(Dallin's Brother, Jarrett has taken permanent marker to the doors in the house and labeled them as to what room he says they are.)
Well, this week my dear Father, I'm getting transferred. I don't want to go. but you know, the Lord wants me to leave. My comp and I have 6 baptism dates, but I won't be here from them. I'm super sad.
So I'm going back to chupando el calor(sucking the heat), but I will be about 40 minutes from Cali.(VillaGorgona)
I will also be a mom and finishing the training for a new missionary.
That's not even the scariest part.
I never did ask you if you were a district leader... because now I need all the advice I can get.
I'll be the new district leader for 5 missionaries. I'm so scared.
so yeah... so yeah...
Um yeah, my camera started to work suddenly again! (and by suddenly I mean after 5 hours of crying and beating it with a stick) but yeah its great! I love it.
so yaeahhhhh I'll send pictures now haha
Tell grandma I'll keep her in my prayers and all. I hope all goes well.
Hola mama, ¿como le va? todo bien aqui, mama yo me voy de Pasto y mamamaamama, no quiero. Es buenĂ­simo aqui! Yo va a llorar. Pero eso es la vida. Mama, porfavor, diga a Jarrett que le quiero mucho. y tambien, gracias por esas cosas de la familia! Yo voy a hacer todo esa semana con mi libro! Te quiero mucho!  (Hi mom, how's it going? All is well here.  Mom I am leaving Pasto and mama, I don't want to.  It is great here.  I am going to cry.  But that is life. Mom, please tell Jarrett that I love him.  And also thanks for the family history sheets you sent.  I am going to be working on my family history book this week.  I love you alot.)
Well dad. I can not send pictures, but that means next week you will have a butt ton! so yeah!

Okay I love you so much!
Have a great week and talk to you soon.

Elder Pead

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