Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 38 - Lots of New Investigators

Hey dad,

This week was the week that I call "new investigators". We found 16 people to teach. We left some of them after the first couple of lessons. What we have been doing is we have been finding people and then if they progress then we continue with them. If they don't progress after two or three visits then we have to leave them.

We have found many investigators who are very good and who are progressing. We have lots of people who are progressing. We found a man who is 35, Mauricio. He is loving the church. He is reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and he gets it. He loves the doctrine, and he is saying his prayers every day. We have found a lot of people this week. I have never had a week where we found so many. And dad, we are knocking on doors. We had always in the past met people in the streets and talked to them there. I have never knocked on doors like this before. My companion has come from a different mission. And in that mission they knock doors a lot. It's great.

We have an investigator who is preparing to be baptized this Saturday. A young man who is 17 and has plans to serve a mission.  I love this work! And then his sister and little brother will be baptized the following Saturday. They are really excited about that. We also have another date for 6 of June, woo hoo the day after my birthday. Those are the four we have planned.

Things are going great with my new companion.  We are different personalities, but we get along great.  I am thankful that I have a good companion that works hard and is able to teach me things that he knows.

Literally all we do is wake up, study, go to our lessons, walk everywhere, come home super tired. I think I will lose even more weight with all this walking that we are doing.(Dallin told his mom that he has lost around 40 pounds since he started his mission.)
Hey, but I love it.  That pretty much sums up my week I literally cannot think of anything else to say about my week.

Oh yeah someone offered me tequila to drink, because it was cold outside. I had to refuse like five times. So that was fun.

I am glad that Jarrett is happy that school is almost over for this year.

I'm sorry my letter is so boring this week, but literally we have been working so hard.

Oh yeah, my feet really stink. You can put this in the blog if you want. I have been using a lot of foot powder, It seems to be helping.  I will let you know how it works out.

Love you all,

Elder Pead

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