Monday, October 20, 2014

2nd Week in Jamundi

(Letter for everyone reading the blog)


We have a few golden investigators and a baptism date! The Spanish is still going hard, but hey, it's the lifeeee.

My companion is like a big brother, funny, mean, loving, all around everything, but I can tell he loves the people. We just got to go out and find more people to teach.

I love love love sleeping. Like, you can tell when you get tired, its pretty easy to fall asleep. Also, lots of bugs, lots and lots and lots...and lots. We didn't take out the garbage one day and we had maggots the next, disgusting.

Por favor, write if you gots the time. love you guys!

Elder Pead

Mom and Dad,

It was great to read your email. So much joy at home!
To answer all the questions,
1. How are you washing your clothes? They have a service here that brings you a washer, then we just hang our clothes to dry.

2. Do you eat with the members? We eat at a members house every day for lunch, and most of the time, its rice, which is totally fine, but some days I realllly hope I could have just like, chicken and rice. They feed us toooo much.

3. Have you learned to cook yet? My roommate is teaching me how to cook chicken, so that's good! He also taught me how to sew! One of my pants ripped a little, so he showed me how to fix um.

4. How are your shoes working out for you? My shoes are good. I got a few blisters, but one is realllly bugging me, but ehhhh.

The only hard parts of the day is when an appointment falls through, but more or less, its fine.

The Spanish is coming along, but we had so much a happen these few weeks, I feel like our time for language study is falling though.

I'm so glad to hear Jarrett is doing so good! I was thinking about him the other day, and how much he will grow in two years.

I was actually wondering how Sela(one of Dallin's friends who is serving in Sweden)was doing, so thanks for that update! You should send me her email sometime! I really love looking at all the emails from other missionaries I get!

We have a couple who is really advancing in the gospel, and I'm hoping if it is in the Lords time, we can invite them to baptism. The husband attended church yesterday, and he loved it all. He talked and studied a lot and I just have a good feeling. So I hope it all works out.

Thanks for the advice, I have noticed that the weeks have gone by soooo quick. The only time I get sad or anything is like, right when I wake up or I just had a hard day with Spanish.

I love you and mom so much. Tell her I'm singing those himnos(hymns) like no other.(Dallin's mom was imagining him singing hymns in Spanish)

Dad, it's like raining hardddddd right now, and I just want to tell you I miss you and your wise knowledge. I love you so much.

Talk to you next week

Elder Pead

Met a Elder Stevenson from St. George

He will be going home in three months!
Also, Dad, we walked by a different church the other day, I couldn't feel the spirit, but I could feel that bass guitar.(I had told Dallin of an experience I had on my mission of going to a different church and having them yell in the microphone "can you feel the spirit?" I turned to my companion and said, "all I can feel are the vibrations from the electric bass guitar")

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  1. I'm glad he is doing well and can hear the bass guitar! Some of us can't hear that!
    Love this kid!